Membership is open to all with an active research and/or educational interest in sleep medicine and related fields. However, the membership should be addressed through the main society, i.e. the STS.
The SSMG recognizes 3 categories of membership

  • General members
  • Special members
  • Executive members

General members:

  • Open to anyone with an interest in Sleep Medicine
  • May be conferred at any time
  • Must submit STS application and payment of annual dues
  • Membership will be renewed annually by receipt of payment of dues. All members shall pay an annual subscription of an amount to be determined by the Executive Committee
  • Membership shall automatically be suspended if the member fails to meet any obligation or make owed payments due to STS. Suspension shall continue until such obligations are met or all sums due to the STS are paid, whereupon such privileges may be reinstated by the Executive Committee
  • In special circumstances, dues may be waived by the Executive Committee.
  • Membership benefits:
      Access to the restricted area of the SMG website
      Eligible for participation in SSMG sponsored symposia and meetings
      Reduced fees for the SSMG educational meetings and training sessions.

Special Members:

  • Must have a degree (MD, PhD, RN, RT)
  • May be nominated by executive members at any time
  • Must submit application and payment of annual dues
  • May be conferred at any time by Executive Committee
  • Must participate in at least one taskforce
  • Have all entitlements of membership

Executive Members:

  • Are elected in recognition of a substantial contribution to the understanding and treatment of SD and related fields throughout their career. Nominations for executive membership shall be made in writing to the chairman of SSMG before the periodic business meeting. Each nomination shall be accompanied by a statement of the academic qualifications, professional position and a list of relevant publications and potential contribution to the SMG mission. The chairman of SSMG will select nominees to be presented for election to Senior Fellowship at the periodic business meeting. Membership is confirmed by a simple majority of those voting in favor
  • Must submit application, conflict of interest form, copy of C.V, and the annual dues payment
  • Take responsibility as leader or co-leader of SSMG Taskforces
  • Are responsible for the maintenance of SSMG educational materials
  • Have all entitlements of membership and can be elected for Executive Committee membership